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Beaudesert Wootton Wawen


Mortgage by way of lease from William Wheatley of Henley in Arden yeoman and Richard Wheatley of the same his brother to Thomas Spencer of Clarden esquire of a meadow and pasture called Lymseys containing 12 acres, in the tenure of the said Richard, butting on land of Edward Astone knight on the one side and on lands of Andrew Archer esquire on the other, being partly in the parish of Newdeserte and part in the parish of Wotton; to 80 years to secure £30. Signed: Thomas Spencer Dated, 32 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: Edward Catelin, Rowland Willcoxe, William Corpsen, Edmund Tybbats Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., on a shield, a fess ermine between 6 horses heads erased, the shield surmounted by helmet, crest and mantling English, parchment, 20 x 93/4 in., indented