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Gift with warranty from Richard son of William Wethern of Nonne Bickenhille to John Wethearn of Bickenhille for a certain sum of money 'in magna necessitate mea' 31/2 feet in breadth and 31/2 perches in length, lying between the land of the grantor and the land of the said John Whethearn beyond the rightful boundary between mansion and mansion; to hold freely and in peace. Undated Witnesses: Henry Brun of Bickenhill', Walter son of Richard of Bickenhill', Walter le Nonneman of the same, Richard le Corpunter of the same, Thomas son of Richard of the same and others. Oval seal of natural wax on tag, 11/4 x 3/4 in. Latin, parchment, 61/2 x 33/4 in.