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Beaudesert Wotton Wawen


Feoffment from John Bellers of Henly in Arden gentleman to Simon Archer of Tanworth gentleman for £40 of 3 closes called Anthonies lands, Harpers orchard and Fulsuch close, the said close called Anthonies land being in Bewdesert alias Belsert between the land of Francis Smith, the lands of John Baker and the lane leading to Buckleyes greens, in the tenure of Thomas Cowper, the close called Harpers orchard lying near Whitelie Fields in Wootten Wawen between the land belonging to the Queen and the land of Francis Smith esquire, then in the tenure of Thomas Gosetree, the third close called Fulsuch close being in Ullenhall in Wootten Wawen between the land of Francis Throckmorton esquire, the land of the heirs of Thomas Barrett and the common fields of Ullenhall and Henly, then in the tenure of Joan Knight widow; to hold for ever. Signed: John Bellers Dated, 42 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: Andrew Archer, Thomas Warner scribe, William Smith the elder, William Smith the younger, Thomas Cowper, John Parkes, Henry Chambers Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a mullett of 8 points English, parchment, 251/2 x 13 in., indented