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Gift from William Couper of Clauerdon' and Henry Wryde of Lodbrook to William, son and heir of John Culford' of Clauerdon' and Elizabeth of all the lands and tenements in the vill and fields of Clauerdon' which the grantors held by the gift and feoffment of the said William Colford' to hold to the said William and Elizabeth Colford' and their lawful heirs for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service and in default of such heirs to the rightful heirs of the said William for ever. Dated at Clauerdon', Sunday before the feast of St. Martin in Hieme, 20 Henry VI Witnesses: John Edwarde of Clauerdon', John Brykhull' of the same, John Stiell' of Lodbrook', William Wryde of the same, William Tomkyns of the same and many others 1. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., the letter T. 2. Octagonal seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a crab Latin, parchment, 121/4 x 43/4 in.