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Great Alne


Lease from Magister Andrew Ma'kyswell, rector of the parish church of Kenfareton', county Warwyc' to Thomas Crystofer chaplain and Thomas at the Wode yeoman of the said parish of the chapel of Alne with the glebe of the same and great and small tithes, lands, meadows, pastures, feedings and all other easements and profits of the same except Sunday offerings at the charity of St. Nicholas; to hold for 3 years from Michaelmas last past, rendering annually £3 13. 4d. at the four terms of Christmas, Lady Day, Midsummer and Michaelmas; the said rector to have the right of distraint after 15 days of any of the said term for arrears or non-payment of the said rent; the said lessees not to have woods, or subwoods, cuttings of trees or branches in the churchyard or messuage and to exonerate the said rector from all charges relating to the said chapel, churchyard and glebe. Dated at Acestria, 36 Henry VI Tag for seal with traces of red wax Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 4 in., indented