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Beaudesert Wootton Wawen


Deed poll under the hand of William Whaetley, recording a conveyance from the said William Whatley the elder of Henley in Archer yeoman to Andrew Archer of Tanworth esquire for £120 of a meadow called Lymbseis in Bewdesert alias Belser and Wotton Wawen alias Wawens Wotton, lying in breadth between the land of Francis Smith esquire and the land of Andrew Archer, and extending in length from the common called Lymbseis greene as far as the highway leading from Botley as far as Henley in Arden and then in the tenure of Richard Whatley of Henley in Arden tanner; also another parcel of land called Weibeards Hill in Wotton Wawin, in breadth between the land of William Chambers and the land of .......... Berrie gentleman; also four selions in Bellom Croft in Bewdesert between the lands of William Chambers on all sides, then in the tenure of the said Richard Whatley [See also DR37/1/2025] Signed: William Whaetley Dated, 38 Elizabeth Witnesses to livery of seisin, endorsed: Thomas Warner, Richard .........., Robert Cooke, John Wylkes, William Knight, Anthony Swyft scribe Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., the letter T Endorsed: [Contemp.] The assurance of Lymbseys Latin, parchment, 121/2 x 91/4 in.