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Burton Dasset


Gift with warranty from John lord of Sulee to William de Radewey, miller, and Emma his wife of a piece of land in Magna Derset', next to the messuage of Ralph called mercatoris, as it is enclosed by its boundaries; to hold for ever from the grantor, rendering annually 12d. [2 terms]. Undated. Witnesses: Richard Dastyn, John Neel, Ralph de mercatore, Ralph Dicon, John le Mareschal and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1 in., on a shield, within a cusped quatrefoil, 2 bends. Legend: S'IOHANNIS DECEMBER SVLE E. Endorsed: [Early 16th cent.] Derset Latin, parchment, 73/4 x 31/4 in.