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Burton Dassett


Bargain and sale with warranty from Edward Ralaigh', late of London, gentleman to Robert Proffett of Northend' in Byrton' husbandman for £16 of a croft in Knyghtcotte and a close in Northend' in the tenure of the said Robert and half-a-yardland of meadow and common pasture in Northend' and Knyghtcotte and the fields of the same belonging to the said croft and close; to hold for ever; the said Edward being bound to the said Robert in the penal sum of £20 to secure the same. Dated: 3 November 33 Henry VIII. Oval seal of red wax on tongue, 3/4 in. Endorsed: [Contemp.] Edwar' Ralleigh de civit: London gener'. English, parchment, 131/4 x 91/2 in., indented.