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Coleshill Tanworth


Abstract in the hand of Simon Archer of 3 documents: 1. 10 July 1611, No. 1721. 2. 15 July 1535. Feoffment from Simon Mountfort esquire to Ralph Langforth, George Greisly, knights, Richard Cansly, William Arden, John Conwaye, Thomas Fitzherbert, William Willington, Edward Grevill, Basil Fylding, Thomas Holt, Robert Middlemore and William Sheldon, esquires, of the manors of Kingshurst and Monkspath with land in Kingshurst, Coleshull, Sheldon, Monkespath and Tanworth and the manor of Barkerstone, Staffs., with lands in Barkerstone, Walsall, Bloxworth and Weddesbury; to hold to uses declared in No. 3 below. 3. 3 July 1535. Settlement previous to the marriage of Francis Mountfort, son and heir of Simon Mountfort esquire, and Anne Willington, daughter of William Willington esquire, being a covenant between the said Simon and the said William to declare the uses of No. 2 above; to hold to the use of the said Simon until the said Francis reach the age of 21 years and then to the use of the said Francis and Anne and their heirs male; in default to the heirs male of the said Francis and in default to the said Simon and his rightful heirs for ever. Undated. English, paper, 141/2 x 101/2 in., folded once.