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Gift with warranty from Philip Chirge of Helmenden' to Robert Hichecokys of Walton' next to Oxon' of 2 acres of arable land lying in the common field of Helmenden' of which half-acre lies on the Astfurlong' called Bireyerton' between the land of the vicar of the church of Helmenden' and the land of man --------, half-acre lying on Wommanlond called S--------' well' between the land of John Cosyn and the land of Walter ---------, half-acre lying in the North field on le Hole between the land of the granton and the land of Thomas Toy, one rood lying in the same field with Chenecces on le Limyerdon' between the land of Thomas Toy on both sides and another rood lying upon le Gatherys between the land of Robert Attewell' and the land of John le Gret'; to hold for ever, rendering annually to the said Philip one grain of corn at Easter in lieu of all services and demands. Dated at Helmendon', Thursday after the feast of St. Mathew the Apostle, 45 Edward III. Witnesses: John Valaunce, Philip Perkyns, Thomas Cheroc, John Chirge, Robert Carter' of Helmenden' and others. Latin, parchment, 81/2 x 31/2 in.