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Lease with warranty from Margery widow of Philip de Fylonglegh' to John de Ralegh' and Joan his wife of 3 messuages with meadows, pastures, rents, reversions and services in the vill and field of Farnebergh'; to hold for the lives of the said John and Joan rendering annually for the first 9 years 4 marks [2 terms] and then, if they wish the lease continues, £10. Dated at Fylonglegh' Sunday on the Morrow of St. Lawrence the Martyr 8 Edward II. Witnesses: Walter Honurable of Farnebergh', Nicholas de Warwyk of the same, Ralph de Warminton', Robert Sampson of Thorp, Guy le Breton', John le Botiler of Shistoke, Henry de Fylonglegh', Adam de Mettelegh' of the same and others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 51/4 in., indented.