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Quitclaim with warranty from Katherine daughter of Walter le Honorable of Farnebergh' to Thomas Ralegh' of Charles, lord of Farnebergh', of lands and tenements with meadows, pastures, feedings, rents, reversions and services in the vill and fields of Farnebergh' which formerly belonged to Walter le Honorable, father of the grantor; to hold for ever. Dated at Farnebergh' Saturday after the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Mary 49 Edward III. Witnesses: John Peeche knight, John de Herdewyk', William Mabot, John Raulyns, William Warde of Farnebergh', John Toue, John Bule and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in. Endorsed: [17th cent.] Thomas Raleigh de Charles dominus de Farnborough 49 E 3. Latin, parchment, 123/4 x 41/2 in.