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Elmdon, Over Whitacre, Solihull Bickenhill


Settlement previous to the marriage of John Boteler and Katherine daughter of Alan Hore esquire being a feoffment from Almetus Malynerey esquire, Richard Boteler of Solyhull', the said John Boteler his son, Richard Golofer of London mercer and John Smyth of London 'browderer', with the consent of the said Alan, to Thomas Kebull', sergeant at law, Brian Stapulton' gentleman, Thomas Burn of London draper, John Dryland of London' draper and John Smyth' of Solyhull' shoer of the manor of Elmdon' and the moiety of the manor of Ouer Whitacr', one meadow called Monkesmedowe and a pasture called Blakslade in Solyhull' with lands in Elmdon, Bekenhille and Over Whitacre'; to hold to the use of the said Alan for his life, then the said lands Whitacre to hold to the said Katherine for her dower, then to the lawful heirs of the said John and Katherine the whole of the said property to hold for ever. Dated: 20 February 3 Henry VII. Two circular seals of red wax on tags, 1/4 in. Endorsed: [Early 16th cent.] Alana Hoore Johannes Boteler. [17th cent.] Deede of Marriage where the land of Elmdon is settled. Latin, parchment, 231/2 x 10 in., indented.