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Gift with warranty from Jordan de Sey of Farneberge to Simon Golyas of Drayton' and Dyonisia his wife for 8 marks of 18 acres of arable land and one headland in the fields of Farneberge, being 9 acres in the south field and 9 acres in the north field and the said headland; both within and without the said vill: in the south field one acre lies upon le Flexlonde beyond the lane leading to Clatercote, another below that butting towards Cleyhammed', another below le Dedecherle, another upon la Whitehotlond' butting in Cleyhambrok', another next to la grepe leading between Caldewell', another below Cleyhamportwey, another upon Cleyhamportwey on the west side butting towards la Portwey and another headland towards the vill, another at Bothemestrete and another upon Whitehull'; in the north field one acre against Hyondredoune, another at Lodewell' beyond the lane leading towards Compton', another between Comheurbrok' upon le Whitehotlond', another between the headland of Richard Mercenaril near le Milneweye, another at la Stodfolde, another at Wylmehemestone, another between Depslade near Wylinehamchircheweye, another upon Cocklesgore and another between Blacputterside and one headland at the head of Delalongue; to hold for ever, rendering annually half-pence on the Wednesday in Pentecost week in lieu of all secular service and demands. Undated Witnesses: Sir Thomas de Arderna of Hanwell', Sir Thomas de Arderne of Bottele, Sir Robert Waundart of Atotheswell', knights, Hugh de Berford' of Mollenton', William de Halton' of Farneberge; Henry le Marescall' of the same, Walter le Honorable and many others. Fragment of tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 93/4 x 71/4 in.