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Chesterton: early deeds


Feoffment in perpetuity, with warranty by Geoffrey Francis of Chesterton to Thomas Blike, tailor, of three and a half acres, with headland lying in the fields of Chesterton; of which one selion lies on Dychhale Verndon beside the land of William de Fermysham on both sides; one selion lies in Holwefosse between the John de Broke on one side and the land of Robert Walewyne on the other; half an acre lies under Grenesdon between land of Thomas Pype on both sides; one acre with headland extends as far as Longemere between the land of Thomas Umfrey on one side and of Geoffrey Cady on the other; one selion lies on Le Ruyelond between land of John Jurdan and John le Smyther; half an acre lies by the watermill between land of John de [ms damaged] and Robert Marmyon; half an acre lies at le Staken between land of Thomas Pipe and Robert Franceys; one rood lies upon Hareputts between lands of Thomas Umfrey and John de Caldecote. To have and hold the said lands to the said Thomas his heirs and assigns, of the cheif lord of the fee for services due and accustomed Witnesses: Richard de Sowe, John de Broke, John de Caldecote, Roger Lovecok, Thomas Henry others Dated at Chesterton, Monday the feast of St Luke the Evangelist, 10 Edward II