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Chesterton: early deeds


Grant with warranty by Geoffrey le Freynshe of Chesterton to William de Barton of Chesterton, of sixteen pence annual rent payable at two terms, arising from a tenement which Henry Bon Vallet holds of the grantor in Chesterton, viz: tenement situated in Netherende of Chesterton between a tenement of Gilbert Cady and a tenement of the siad Henry, and abuts on the tenement of Simon de Botyndon. Further grants and confirms to the said William de Barton a rent of eight pence per annum due form a tenement which the said Henry Bon Vallet holds of Geoffrey in the Netherend, Chesterton, between a tenement of the said Henry and a tenement of the grantor and abuts on a tenement of Simon de Botyndon. With heriots and escheats pertaining to the same tenements whenever they shall fall due. To hold to the said William and his heirs in perpetuity, rendering annually to Simon de Botyndon six silver pence in lieu of all services Witnesses: William Fermisham, Richard de Sowe, Thomas Henry, Roger Baldwyne, Gilbert le Wolper [?] Dated at Chesterton Sunday in the feast of the Apostles Simon Jude, 13 Edward II