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Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northmaptonshire, Gloucestershire, Devon


Appointment by Edward Ralegh knight, son and heir of William Ralegh' esquire deceased, of Edmund Colfox, William Beynton' and Richard Heyton to deliver seisin to Ralph Verney, sitizen and alderman of London, and Thomas Billynge, serjeant-at-law, of the manors of Claydon', County Oxon', Farneburgh', county Warr', Whitmere, county Stafford', Twycros, Foxston, Bosworth' and Swynford' county Leicestr', Gyldesburgh', Clypston' and Newbold', county North', Northcote, county Gloucestr', Reby, County Lincoln', with lands and tenements in Claydon', Farneburgh', Whitmere, Twycros, Foxston', Bosworth' Swynford', Gyldesburgh', Clypston', Newbold', Borthcote and Reby with other lands in Deuon, with all lands, tenements, rents and services, excepting messuages and lands in Claydon' and Farneburgh' which Elizabeth, mother of the said Edward, late wife of the said William Ralegh' his father, held in name of dower according to indentures made between the said Edward and Elizabeth, which lands, tenements, rents and services the said Ralph and Thomas lately held jointly by gift and feoffment of the said Edward according to a charter made by the said Ralph and Thomas to the said Edward and Margaret. Dated: 8 June 4 Edward IV. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., a bird with wings inverted and displayed. Latin, parchment, 151/4 x 161/2 in.