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Gift with warranty from Benedict, Prior of Kenill', and the Convent, according to the advice of the Chapter to Robert de Haleford' and his heirs of all the land and tenement which the Priory held by the gift and feoffment of Robert de Mandauilla in Halford'; to hold as freely as the said Robert de Mandauill' held the same, as is witnessed by his charter, rendering annually to the Priory 8d. [2 terms] in lieu of all services. Undated. Witnesses: Sir William de Bisoppesdon', Sir Bardolph de Cestret', John de Pontefracto, Roger de Fulrid', Robert de Utilicot', Simon de Stoke, William de Utilicot' and others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 71/2 x 31/4 in.