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Gift with warranty from Robert de Maundevill' to Robert de Haleford' and his heirs of pasture for 8 animals in the lordship of Haleford' which Andrew Gifford' gave to Philip persone de Haleford to hold to his own use; to hold as pertaining to the free tenement which the said Robert de Haleford held of the said Robert de Maundevill' in the same vill and for the same service. Undated. Witnesses: Thomas de Cumptona, Robert de Fulrich', Robert de Vtilicot', Robert de Wauton', William de Vtilicot', Jordan de Fulrich, Geoffrey his brother, Robert le Poher of Cumpton', Geoffrey de Vtilicot' and many others. Latin, parchment, 51/4 x 21/2 in.