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Memorandum of lands in Geydon: The Higheplace and land was held of the Bishop of Chester for the annual rent of 5s. 6d. and in 50 Edward III [1376-1377] William of Geydon' had a recovery made of the same at Couentre and enjoyed the same until 3 Henry IV [1401-1402] when the said William gave the said place and 2 yardlands to William Huet his servant in fee simple for ever to hold from the chief lords of the fee, rendering annually the said rent of 5s. 6d., which land the said William Huet held until 12 Henry VI [1433-1434] when he sold the same to John Campyon' to hold for the said rent and the said John would not have purchased the same otherwise, 'he had levier it had be floten or Drowned so God him helpe alle the dedes of these aperen in the box'. Adkyns place alias Smythes place was held by the said William of Geydon' for 20d. annually in chief, which place the said William purchased of Adam Gorstlowe of Banbury tailor and afterwards gave to the said William Huet his servant to hold in fee for ever, rendering annually a rose at Midsummer, no more rent than the said 5s. 6d. and rose ever having been asked of the said William Huet or his son Thomas who inherited the said property and held it for many years for the said rents. Undated English, parchment, 131/2 x 61/2 in.