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Agreement between Richard Fulwode of Toneworth' esquire and Richard Ede of the same carpenter whereby the said Richard Ede was to make 'as substantiall wyndmylne as any us wtin Warrwikshire', and to set it up, providing all things necessary for hewing, sawing, falling and framing and all millstones and ironwork, excepting timber, carriage and sailcloths which the said Richard Fulwode was to provide, the said mill to be set up at Geydon' before the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist [24 June] and to be finished within a month of that date unless there was default of carriage or payment, for which work the said Richard Ede was to receive £8: 40s. on the feast of the Purification of Our Lady next, 40s. within 8 days after Easter, 40s. at Whitsum and 40s. on the day of the erecting of the first millstones and nails. Bond between the said parties in the penal sum of £13 6s. 8d. to perform the said covenant. Signed: Richard Ede. Dated: 7 January 30 Henry VIII. Witnesses: Ralph Alen' priest, vicar of Toneworth', John Robyns', Richard Prykkett, William Griffen' and many more. Tag for seal. English, parchment, 12 x 6 in.