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Gift with warranty from Thomas Palmar' of Haleford' to Magister Guy de Tillebroc for 40s. of one meadow in Haleford' called Mulnecroft' next to the water near the croft of the parson; to hold for ever, rendering annually on behalf of the grantor to the chief lords of the fee one rose at the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist [24 June] in lieu of all secular services and demands. Undated. Witnesses: Henry Milonis, Thomas de Stok', Simon de Vtlykote, Simon de Sylikot', Richard de Castro of Haleford', John de Fosse, Gilbert le Veym and others. Portion of seal of brown wax on tag, one bird preying on another. Legend: [AVE] MARIA GRA[TIA PLENA] Endorsed: [Early 16th cent.] mulnecroft de haleford' Latin, parchment, 81/2 x 31/2 in.