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Lease from Thomas son of Richard de Haleford' to Robert de Haleford' of 2 acres of land in the fields of Haleford' in exchange for 2 acres of land which the grantor leased to Robert his son for a certain term and then granted to him in fee, namely in the field towards Tredinton' one selion on la doune next to Tredinton' and another selion at fenputte near Haleford' and in another field towards Fulrich' one selion on pilardinghemehull' next to limmote land and another selion near the headland Normanum; to hold for a year after the term to Robert son of the said Robert de Haleford. Undated. Witnesses: Henry clerico of Haleford', Richard de Castello, Simon seruiente of Haleford', Osbert cementatore, Simon clerico and others. Circular seal of green wax on tag, 11/4 in., a bird preying on a duck. Legend: S': TOME Latin, parchment, 7 x 21/4 in.