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Quitclaim from Thomas son of Simon de Stokes of Haleford' to Robert de Haleford' and his heirs of one messuage and 2 virgates of land which Gunilda de Castro formerly held in the vill of Haleford', 6d. annual rent which the grantor had from the said land, half-pence annual rent from 6 acres of land which Magister Guy de Tilebrok' held from the grantor in the same vill and 1 pound of cumin which William de Derset gave to the grantor for 6 acres of land which he held from the grantor in the same vill and all other lands and tenements which Guy and Nicholas de Haleford' his brother held from the grantor by gift, sale, demise or exchange in the vill and fields of Haleford'; to hold for ever. Dated at Warr' on the Morrow of St. Peter 1 Edward II. Witnesses: John de Etindon' lord of the manor of Barcheston', John Fraunceys of Etindon', Richard le Mareschal of Haleford', Richard de Castro, Hugh le Mercer and others. Oval seal of green wax on tag, 1 x 3/4 in., standing figure of the Virgin and Child. Legend: [A]VE MARIA [GRA]TIA PLEN[A] Latin, parchment, 93/4 x 3 in.