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Gift with warranty from Thomas de Stoke of Haleford' to John de Neubold' of 2 acres of arable land in Haleford' of which one acre lies upon le Russewaye between the land of John de Upton' on the one hand and the land of Robert Walter on the other and 3 butts lying on one acre at Murehull' between the land of Robert Walter on the one hand and the land formerly of Robert Hogges on the other and extending in length as far as the highway at Honyngton'; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Dated at Haleford Sunday after the feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 17 Edward II. Witnesses: John Wandak, Alexander de Bercheston', Adam Holewaye, John lord of Ouer Etyndon', Walter de Kyrkeby of Haleford', John Marchal' of the same, Adam Luffe and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., a man's head facing right. Legend: [S' R]ICAR' DE BRAV Endorsed: Carta Thomas de Stoke [Early 16th cent]. Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 4 in.