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Quitclaim with warranty from John son and one of the heirs of Robert de Haleford' to John le Neubold' of Haleford' and John his son of all his right of inheritance on the death of the said Robert de Haleford' his father to all lands, tenements, homages, services, wards, reliefs, rents, reversions, escheats, meadows, pastures and feedings in Haleford' which lands and tenements the said John and John hold be demise of Robert de Suypston' chaplain, also the third part of one piece of meadow called Alrechesholm' which formerly belonged to Robert de Haleford' father of the grantor, also the grantor's share in a piece of meadow called Gosehom' and the third part of a meadow called Mullecroft' in the same vill; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Dated at Haleford' Tuesday after the feast of All Saints 20 Edward III. Witnesses: William de Peito, Alexander de Bercheston', John Sparry the younger, Adam Holeweye, John the lord of Etyndon', William Fraunceys of the same, William le Freynshe of Thorndon', Walter de Neubold', Thomas de Stoke of Haleford', Adam le Preste of the same, Simon le Smyth of the same and others. Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 63/4 in.