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Early 16th century copy of a gift with warranty from John le Crispe of Hattone to Simon de la grene for 46s. of 15 selions of land with headlands lying in the croft of the grantor between the land of the grantor on the one hand and the road called le Stonwey on the other and extending in length from the land which Robert le Hore held as far as le Haideyard' with a broad ditch there and the right to ditch and enclose the said croft at the will of the said Simon without any hindrance from the said John and his heirs; to hold for ever, rendering annually 1d. at Lady Day in lieu of all secular services and suits of court. Undated. Witnesses: John Schreuel, John Syfled', Simon Bortulmen, Henryad molend', Simon son of John, William ad pontem, William Pece of Beusale and others. Latin, paper, 121/4 x 71/4 in.