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Late 14th century copy of gift with warranty from John Pecche lord of Hampton' in Ardena to Thomas de Erscote and Isabel his wife of a piece of waste land from the waste land of the grantor at Coppethorn on the heath called Ketelesheth lying in breadth between the highway leading from Burmingham towards Kenelworth and the fee of Erscote and in length between the common field of Erscote and the heath called Coppethornheth as it is inclosed with hedges and ditches; to hold for ever, rendering annually 7d., 4d. at Michaelmas and 3d. at Lady Day in lieu of all secular services and suits of court. Dated at Hampton' Sunday after the feast of St. Gregory 4 Edward II. Witnesses: William Wodard, Henry Gybun of Longedon', Adam atte Coppe of the same, William de Coppethorn, William Archard and many others. Latin, parchment, 13 x 31/2 in., attached to DR37/1/2176 and 2177.