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Early 16th century copy of a gift with warranty from Thomas de Cherlecot' lord of Haseleye to Simon de la grene of Hatton' for 40s. of a croft in the vill of Hatton' which Robert ad fontem held, lying between the road leading from the church of Hatton' towards the church of Haseleye on the one hand and the land of the said Simon on the other and extendin in length from the land of the parson of Haseley as far as the garden of the said Simon; to hold for ever, with the right to dispose of the same except to monks or Jews, rendering annually to the grantor 12d. [2 terms] in lieu of all secular services and suits of court excepting foreign service to the King. Undated. Witnesses: John de Shreuel', Henry de Lincecumbe, John Myfeld', Simon Bertelmen, Richard de Camera, Simon son of John, John son of Elye and others. Latin, paper, 121/4 x 61/4 in.