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Gift with warranty from Thomas Smyth to John Archar of Tonworth' the elder esquire of messuages, lands, tenements, meadows, pastures and feedings in the vill and fields of Hatton' [See DR37/1/2194]; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Appointment of Thomas Symonds and Richard Cappe as attorneys to deliver seisin. Dated at Hatton' 28 September 21 Henry VII. Signed: Witnesse Nicholas Brome. Witnesses: John Byrd' of Rowenton', Richard Edwardes, William Balamye and many others. Square seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a merchant's mark. Latin, parchment, 111/4 x 5 in. Attached to DR37/1/2194.