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Copy of a petition from Robert Sewe of Hatton' to Edward Belknap esquire and Henry Smyth, Justices of the Peace for Warr' requesting them to examine the matter of the said Robert's lands in Hatton' which he held by the right of his wife, which lands were of the annual value of 33s. 4d.: to keep the same against the suit of John Birde of Rownton' on behalf of Thomas Smyth his servant the said Robert Sewe sought the help of John Archer of Tonworth' for which help the said Robert Sewe promised to pay the said John Archer 3s. 4d. from the said lands, whereupon the said John Archer drew up a lease of all the said lands to the said Robert for the annual rent of 3s. 4d. with a clause of rent for default of payment, which lease the said Robert Sewe sealed, but the said Robert, still having the same trouble and receiving no help from the said John, never paid the said 3s. 4d. and the said John would now take the land away from him. The said Robert promise to abide by the award of the said Justices. Undated. English, paper, 103/4 x 103/4 in.