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Agreement between John Archer esquire and Hugh Tofte lately of Hatton' yeoman and Alice his wife that the said Hugh and Alice, at the cost of the said John, should acknowledge before one of the Justices of the King all the lands tenement and reversions in Hatton' which formerly belonged to Juliana Sewe, lately the wife of Robert Sewe, the said Alice now being the heir of the said Juliana, to belong by right to the said John Archer and the said John Archer to hold the same for ever by the gift and feoffment of the said Hugh and Alice and by their quitclaim and warranty; also that after the said acknowledgement and fine had been levied and engrossed the said John would grant half the said lands and tenements to the said Hugh and Alice and their lawful issue, rendering annually 3s. 4d., the property in default of such issue to revert to the said John for ever, and would demise the other half to the said Hugh and Alice for the term of their lives, to revert on their deaths to the said John and his heirs for ever; furthermore the said Hugh and Alice granted that upon the grant of the first moiety they would deliver to the said John all deeds pertaining to the said property after which the said John, according to his will and discretion, might return some to the said Hugh and Alice, the remainder to remain with the said John for ever in order that a recovery might be made in the name of the said Hugh and Alice and after the said recovery had been suffered the said John Archer was to hold the said lands to himself and his heirs for ever. Bond from the said Hugh and Alice to the said John in the penal sum of £20 to perform the said covenants. Dated at Tanworth' 7 January 16 Henry VII. Witnesses: Roger Reynold' wrote this agreement and saw it sealed. Fragment of red wax on tongue. Latin, parchment, 111/4 x 91/2 in., indented.