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Tamworth deeds and papers


An agreement made between Thomas Ferrers and Elizabeth his wife, Sir Roger Aston', knight, as guardian of Robert son and heir of Joyce [Aston] and Hugh Wylloughby and Margaret, his wife (the said Elizabeth, Joyce and Margaret being sisters and co-heirs of Sir Baldwin Frevill', knight), concerning the division of the manors and lands of the said Baldwin during the minority of the said Robert. Thomas Ferrers and Elizabeth his wife to hold the castle of Tamworth, the manor of Tadyngton', co. Hereford, the manors of Merston' and Lee [Lea Marston], the manor of Stychale and the manor of Stretford' [near Tamworth, now lost], £10. 6s. 0d. from Combe Abbey, rents (specified) in Coventre and two thirds of the lands of Adam Seyntcler in Waverton [Warton, co. Warwick]. Roger Aston to hold the manor of Asshsted [Ashtead] and Newedegate [Newdigate], co. Surrey, the moiety of the manor of Henley, the manor of Pynley, co. Warwick, the manor of Beknore, [Becknor in Feckenham] co. Worcs. and the manor of Yatisbury [Yatesbury], co. Wilts. Hugh Wylloughby and Margaret his wife to hold the manors of Middelton', Wykyn, Whitnassh in co. Warwick, a messuage and virgate of land in Whitleye, co. Warwick, three rents (specified) in Coventre, the manor of Gounthorp' and Loudham, co. Nottingham and the manor of Bradford, Fern and Maune [Mawne] in co. Hereford. Also 10s. 11d. annually from Roger Aston as his share exceeds that of Hugh and Margaret. Thomas and Elizabeth Ferrers also grant to the said Hugh and Margaret the remaining one third of the lands of Adam de Seintcler in Waverton' now held as dower by his widow Alice. Thomas and Elizabeth Ferrers are also to hold the reversion of certain lands in Middleton' in the tenure of Thomas Alblaster for life, paying annually to the said Roger and to the said Hugh and Margaret a third of their annual value. With mutual securities to perform these and other obligations. Dated at Leyc', 19 August, 1 Henry VI. Endorsed: Particion of all the landes between Ferrers, Wyllowby and Aston [AG]

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