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Gift with warranty, excepting monks and Jews, from Ralph Marescallus to Thomas son of Richard Anstill' for his homage and servee for 2 marks of half-virgate of land in Lappewrth' which Adam Ruffus held; to hold from the grantor and his heirs, rendering annually 3s. 9d. at the three terms of Michaelmas, the Purification of the Blessed Mary [2 February] and Whitsun. Undated. Witnesses: John de Ludinton', William Sparhauec, Roger Franceis, Anketill Franceis, Walter Stakemon, Richard Hatecrist, William Oiselur, Robert de Toppesford' and others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 71/2 x 23/4 in.