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Assignment from Susan Cunot late of Glatton, Hunts., then of St Martin's in the Fields, Mddx., spinster, at the direction of John Dinham of Spalding, Doctor in Physick, to Joseph Atkinson of Spalding, Lincs., grocer of a mortgage DR37/1/2257, to hold to the use of John Dinham, youngest son of the said John Dinham. Signed: John Dinham, Susanna Cunott. Dated: 2 October 3 George II. 1729. Witnesses: for Susan Cunot, Edward Oakes, John Webster, for John Dinham, John Weyman, Mary Weyman. Two circular seals of red wax applied, 1/2 in., a man's head facing right. English, parchment, 27 x 19 in., indented.