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Gift with warranty from Ralph Marscallus de Ailston' to Thomas son of Alice de Lappewurth' for his homage and service for 20s. of all the grantor's land in Lappewurth' which Stiandus son of Orm held excepting that particular piece of land which Edith, who was wife of William Puke held for the term of her life, the said piece of land belonging to the said land which the said Stiandus held; to hold with the right to give or assign the same, except to monks and Jews, rendering annually to the grantor 15d., in lieu of all service except foreign service, at the two terms of Whitsun and Michaelmas; the said piece of land held by the said Edith to revert to the said Thomas and his heirs upon the death of the said Edith. Undated. Witnesses: John de Ludinton', Willim Sparhauek, Roger Franceis, Robert son of Guy de Warwic', Walter Stikeman, Robert Prat, Godfrey Prat, Godfrey Fesant, Anketill Franceys, Robert Musard, Richard Hatecriste, William de Oiselur, Thankard de Warwick' and others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 61/2 x 4 in.