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Gift with warranty from Thomas Askel of Lapworth' with the consent of Sarah his wife to Matilda his daughter of half the land called Heuardis croft in the vill of Lapwurth', lying in length between the land of Thomas Fouler' on the one hand and Stediald' clerk on the other and in breadth between the land of Richard Anketel and Henry Pouk; to hold from the grantor and his heirs freely, with the right to give away the same except to monks and Jews, rendering annually to the grantor during his lifetime 71/2d. at the two terms of Michaelmas and Whitsun and after the death of the grantor the said Matilda was to pay the said rent to the chief lords of the fee. Undated. Witnesses: Anketel Franseis, Richard Franseis, Warin le Turnur', Roger Rondulf of Tanoworg', Simon Prad of Pacwod' and others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 51/2 x 31/4 in.