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Butlers Marston Wootton Wawen


Quitclaim from John Aylesbury of Edyngton', county Warr', to Ralph Aylesbury and his male heirs, the said Ralph being the younger brother of the said John, for £200 paid to Joan, daughter of the said John of the manor of Edriston' with appurtenances in Butlers Marston' and Wotton Wawen, which property John Aylesb'y, lord of Edriston', father of the grantor, granted to the said grantor by a charter dated Sunday on the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross 25 Henry VI [? 3 May 1447 - in 25 Henry VI the said feast, 3 May, fell on a Wednesday]. Signed: Ita est Johannes Aylesbury manu mea propria. Dated: 6 December 20 Edward IV. Witnesses: William Harewell', Thomas Clopton', Richard Piper, William Compston', William Warde and many others. Fragment of seal of red wax on tag, on a shield, a cross. Endorsed: [Early 16th cent.] Edeston cum omnibus terris et aliis pertin entiis in com' Warr'. Aylesby. Latin, parchment, 11 x 51/2 in., slashed in cancellation.