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Butlers Marston


Settlement previous to the marriage of Elizabeth Holbache, one of the daughters of Amillion Holbache, deceased, to William South of Warwick, gentleman, being a conveyance from Sir Thomas Puckering of Warwick, knight and bart., to the said Elizabeth of £20 annual rent from a close in Butlers Marsten called the Greate Ground in the tenure of Edmund Dalby gentleman, to hold from the death of the said William South for the lifetime of the said Elizabeth [2 terms]; the said Elizabeth to have the right of distraint for non-payment 20 days beyond the said terms; this agreement to be void if the said marriage did not take place before the feast of St. Andrew next [30 November]. Signed: Elizabeth Holbach. Dated: 25 August 16 James I. Witnesses, endorsed: Richard Bothe, Henry Hughes, John Frecleton. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. Latin, parchment, 23 x 121/4 in., indented.