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Preston Bagot


Quitclaim with warranty from John Daron of Prestone Bagot to Elene Milis and William her son of a messuage with a curtilage and an adjacent croft with hedges and ditches, 4 selions lying in Hanville feld with headlands, hedges and ditches and all the land which the said Elene Milis and William her son held in the same field and a messuage, curtilage and croft lying in breadth between the land of Reginald Pereie on the one hand and Haselhale on the other and in length from the land of Richard son of Adam le Wodard at the top and the land of Simon Hyndeberie at the bottom; to hold for ever. Dated at Preston' Bagot, Sunday after the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Mary, 7 Edward III. Witnesses: Nicholas de Curdeshale, John Starel, Henry ........., Richard Son of Adam Wodard, Willim P........ and others. Seal of natural wax on tag. Latin, parchment, 31/2 x 83/4 in.