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Agreement between Magister Henry de Branteston' and Robert Pippard' that, whereas William de Harecurt enfeoffed the said Henry by charter of the homage and service of the said Robert from the tenement which he held of him in Lapwrth' and whereas the said Henry had received the said homage and should be held by the said Robert and his heirs for the service contained in the said charter, excepting so far as related to the dower of Matilda la Poter', wife of the said William, if she outlived the said William and ought to have dower from the said tenement, then the said Henry and his heirs were to be free and quit of the same. Undated Witnesses: Richard de Wroxhull', Hugh de Branteston', Godfrey Marescall', Henry Sorel, Adam Ledet and others. Tag for seal with traces of green wax. Latin, parchment, 63/4 x 21/4 in.