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Gift with warranty from Roger de Clifford' the elder to Urian se S[t Pierre] of all the land of the grantor in the vill of Honingham without reservation, being £20 worth of land, for which the said Sir Urianus had given the grantor his land in Dreyton' in the county Suysexie; to hold as freely as the grantor held it, rendering due service to the chief lords for the same. Undated [Thomas Bek was appointed Treasurer in 1279 and in 1280 was made Bishop of St David's] Witnesses: Magister Thomas Bek, Treasurer of King Edward, John de Kyrkeby, clerk of the King, Sir John de Monte Alto, William de Hamelton' clerk, Dom Patrick de Haselwell', Roger Durvile, William de Venables, Hugh de Dutton', Hugh de Nascy, Alexander de Benuile, Godfrey clerk and many others. Latin, parchment, 71/2 x 4 in.