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Bond from William de Athleberge of Kynesburi to Alexander called vinetar' of Couentr' in the penal sum of £100 to prevent the said William within 15 days giving or selling his land, rents or any tenement or part of one or by any other means in fee or in term, by alienation or by losing them purposely or by defending them fictisiously or any other means so that all the said tenements might pass without any dimunition to his son William after his death to hold them securely without deceit or fraud, the said William, his heirs, assigns and goods being always bound to the said Alexander in the said sum and also for all the expenses of the said Alexander; the said William also being bound to support Cecily wife of the said William his son well and courteously with his own wife during the lifetime of the said William. Dated at Couentr' Monday after the feast of Holy Trinity 18 Edward I. Witnesses: Sir Richard de Withacr', Sir John de Clinton', knights, William Fundu, Roger de Blite, Peter le Pretun, Simon de Blacgrene, Henry Pistar' of Couentr', Robert de Chilton' of the same, William le Parker' of the same, Richard de le mur of the same, Robert de Stoke, Robert de Burmingham clerk and others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 73/4 x 51/4 in.