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Lease from Robert Fellys of Kenilleworth' to Alexander Brydde of the same of a parcel of a field in Kenilleworth which formerly belonged to William Blondel lying next to the land of the said Alexander as it is inclosed by hedges and ditches; to hold from Michaelmas 11 Henry IV [29 September 1410] for 8 years, rendering annually to the said Robert at Kenilleworth' 4d. [Easter and Michaelmas] in lieu of all services and the said Robert was not to grant the said land to anyone else without the permission of the said Alexander. Dated Wednesday after the feast of the Holy Trinity 11 Henry IV. Circular seal of black wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letter A with a sprig of foliage. Latin, parchment, 103/4 x 4 in., indented.