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Gift with warranty from Henry Pipard' to Robert Pipard' of a piece of land with a messuage and meadows in the vill of Lapworth' which Thomas Prepositus formerly held of the grantor in the same vill, without any reservation; to hold to the said Robert his lawful issue from the grantor for ever with all liberties and customs in meadows, pastures, feedings, woods, ways, lanes and waters, excepting the grantor's own demesne lands and parks; the said Robert rendering annually to the grantor one pound of pepper at Whitsun in lieu of all services excepting foreign service pertaining to the said property and excepting heriot and suit at the court of the grantor upon reasonable summons and suit of court and frankpledge to the Earl of Leycestr' in county Warwic' twice a year; if the said Robert died without lawful issue the said property to pass to Richard, brother of the said Robert and his lawful heirs, to be held as above or in default to revert to the grantor and his rightful heirs for ever. Undated. Witnesses: Sir Guy de Pipard' knight, Godfrey Pipard', Richard Pipard', Ives Pipard', rector of the church of Lapworth', Godfrey Marscallo, Hugh Beneit, Robert Orussard, Henry Sorel, Anketillo Franceys and others. Tag for seal. Endorsed: [14th cent.] carta Henr' Pipard' facta Roberto Pipard' Lapworth'. Latin, parchment, 7 x 61/4 in.