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Abstract of title of the Reverend John Dinham to his estate in Lapworth and Nuthurst, agreed to be purchased by Lord Archer, reciting: 1) 20 April 1692 Conveyance from George Walker of Offord Chiney, Hunts., gentleman, youngest son of Catherine Walker late of Tingrith, Beds., deceased, with the consent of John Rugge of Sturtloe, Hunts., gentleman of a messuage or farmhouse in Lapworth Hill in Lapworth with all buildings, courtyards, orchards and gardens belonging to the same and closes, meadows, pastures, leasowes and lands called Home Close, Rough Close, the Coppice, the Broom Close, the Peartree Close, the little New Close, or little New Leasow, the Great Leasow or Great Close called Broad Meadow Leyes, the Calves Close, the Berryfield, the Aullars or Ollars, the Poll and a piece of meadow containing 6 acres, and a lane into certain of the said lands and closes; to hold to the said Silvester Petyt with the intent to make him a perfect tenant of the freehold so that a recovery may be suffered against him to the use of the said George Walker. 2) Easter Term 1692 Exemplification of a recovery made between John Rugge, demandant, Silvester Petyt, tenant, and George Walker, vouchee, of a messuage, 90 acres of land, 8 acres of meadow, 20 acres of pasture and 7 acres of wood in Lapworth and Nuthurst and in Lapworth and Hampton in Arden. 3) DR37/1/2257 (wrongly dated 30 January 1716) 4) DR37/1/2258-2259 5) DR37/1/2260 6) DR37/1/2261 With the opinion of James Hewitt. English, paper, 161/2 x 131/4 in., three sheets.