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Butler's Marston


Covenant between William Smith of Warwicke, gentleman, and Elizabeth his wife and Sir Thomas Puchering to the Priory in or near Warwick, knight and bart., to declare the uses of a fine levied Easter Term [1623] of property conveyed 22 April [1623] from the said Sir Thomas, plaintiff, to the said William and Elizabeth, deforciants, with John Overton of Warwick, vouchee, of closes in Butlers Merston alias Merston Butlers called Baylies Lake, Meereland, Forshground and meadow, the close adjoining the Great ground, Preiste meadow, Rameshead meadow and Fowlewell meadow, now or late in the several tenures of Ralph Eliis, Richard Greeneway and John Lumbard to hold for the lives of the said William and Elizabeth, rendering annually 1d. at Michaelmas if demanded; now to hold the said 70 acres of land, 30 acres of meadow and 40 acres of pasture in Butlers Marston to the said Sir Thomas from Lady Day last for 99 years, rendering annually £40 to the said William and Elizabeth [2 terms]; if the said rent is unpaid or in arrears 30 days beyond any of the said terms after reasonable request had been made at his house called the Priory near Warwick or to his steward of bailiff in his absence, then the said William and Elizabeth should have the right to re-enter the said lands; the said Sir Thomas to hold the said land if the rent was paid and the said William and Elizabeth to sign a receipt at each payment of the same; a similar agreement was to be made between the said Elizabeth and the said Sir Thomas and his heirs Signed: William South, Elizabeth South. Dated: 3 September 1623. Witnesses, endorsed: John Overton, John Hickes, John Savage, William Framingham. 1. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. 2. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in. English, parchment, 26 x 311/2 in., indented.