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Morton Bagot, Ipsley, Wootton Wawen, Studley, Solihull Temple Grafton


Gift with warranty from John de Conyngesby to William Spyne of Cokton', Richard de Budeford', parson of the church of Whitchirche and Ralph de Wotton', parson of the church of Beudesert' of the manor of Morton' bagod' with lands, tenements, rents and services in Morton'bagod, Ippesleye, Ulnhale, Stodleye and Solyhull, a messuage, 2 virgates of land and a messuage adjacent to the said land which Adam Chauntour of Ulnhale held of the grantor for the term of his life in Ulnhale, a messuage and a carucate of land which Henry Symond' held of the grantor for the term of his life in the said vill, three crofts which Roger le Cartere of Morton' and Margery his wife held from the grantor for the term of their lives in Morton'bagod' and one half-virgate of land and two acres of meadow which Godfrey Bedel of Grafton' and ....... his wife held of the grantor for the term of their lives in Grafton', and which after the deaths of the said Adam, Henry, Roger, Margery, Godfrey and ....... would revert to the grantor with remainder to the said William, Richard and Ralph and their heirs for ever; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service, rendering annually to the grantor £40 at the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross [3 May]; the said grantor having the right of re-entry if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears at the said term. Dated at Morton'bagod' Tuesday on the Morrow of the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary, 27 Edward III. Witnesses: Sir John de Monteforti, Sir John Hubaud', Sir Thomas de Grendon', knights, Henry de Braundeston', Thomas Larcher, John de Stanford', Henry de Middelmor', Walter de Hereford' and others. Tags for seals. Latin, parchment, 9 x 73/4 in., indented.