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Morton Bagot


Lease from William Conynggusby of Mortonbagod' to Roger le Cartere of Mortonbagod and Roger Cutton of the same of all his arable lands in the said vill, excepting le closes at Stanbarwe and Bradbarwe, and also all his pasture lands of Oxscheye, Newebrecheye and carlesmedwe and one dole of meadow in le Mulnehome called le Crabbetredole; to hold for six years from this date; the said lessees to plough annually as much of the said land as was now ploughed as well or better than it was now done, the land for winter seed with three ploughs and the land planned for barley or mixed corn with four ploughs; they were also to measure the said dole annually and all 'finum' which the said William or his attorneys delivered they were to carry and disperse; and all the said land at the time of the winter sowing during the said term they were annually to sow, harrow and enclose; all the grain growing on the said land they were to cut, gather, bind and carry and place in barns or stackes at their own cost; the said William having the right to take as his own half the grain growing on the said land; the said lessees were to enclose the said land at their own expense and were not to demise any of the same during the said term; the said William having the right of re-entry to the said lands and to all the goods on the same if the said lessees broke any part of this agreement. Dated on Sunday the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross 39 Edward III. Witnesses: Henry de Middulmor', Henry Persona, of the church of Morton', John de Croweleye and others. Tag for seal. Endorsed: [Contemp.] Carta ad thu' sex annos facta per W Cunyngesby facta Roger Carter' at Roger Coton' de Morton' anno Edwardi tertij XXXIX Latin, parchment, 103/4 x 61/4 in., indented.