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Long Itchington


Lease with warranty from Guy Bryton' of Wolston' to Robert at ye Grene and Agnes his wife and one of their sons of Ichynton' Longa of one half-virgate of arable land with adjacent meadow in le Westmere as it is divided in the fields of Ichynton: of which half-virgate, one half-acre lies beyond Bascote next to Ralph Iene, another half-acre lies upon Wodweye next to the said Ralph; half-acre upon Ellerstub next to John Cook, half-acre in le Grosun next to the said John, half-acre upon Brodmorslade next to John Bond'; a headland upon Stawnch, half-acre upon Cost' next to Ralph Petto, half-acre next to John Marchal upon longforlong' at Hampton' weye, half-acre upon Alsled next to John Cook, half-acre on Old brakelowe next to John Brown, half-acre at Alksled extending as far as Schypenweye, half-acre on Dor..... next to John Petto, half-acre on Barleyforlong' next to John Marchal', half-acre on Longlond' next to John........ in ye Wythens, half-acre in Burchenharloyforlong', half-acre upon Lutelhul next to John Cook, half-acre upon Longforlong' in the same field next to John Chamberleyn, half-acre upon Stynleyorne next to John Petto, half-acre upon Morforlong' next to Robert at ye grene, half-acre upon Waiteforlong' next to the said Robert, half-acre upon ................. next to John in ye Wytheg', half-acre upon Shortelongroden next to John Cook, half-acre upon Louketforlong' ................... de Hadlond'; to hold for the lives of the said Robert, Agnes and their son, rendering annually 3s. 4d. [2 terms]; the said Guy to have the right of distraint for non-payment or arrears of the said rent 3 weeks beyond any of the said terms. Dated at Wolston', Sunday after the feast of Epiphany 5 Henry IV. Witnesses: John Petto, Nicholas Wygley, John Grulfeld' and others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 53/4 in., indented.